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Frozen Yogurt with Fruit ToppingWild Berry’s frozen yogurt will satisfy your cravings. We have an extensive assortment of flavors and toppings, and you can mix and match to your hearth’s content. Our pricing is simple: one fixed per ounce rate, so you can get exactly the quantity you want, no more, no less.

Wild Berry’s frozen yogurt is a better alternative to many commonly available desserts, and for those looking to really save some calories, we offer a variety of flavors with no added sugar as well as an assortment of fat-free selections. Our enormous array of toppings includes an abundance of fresh fruit to enhance the nutritional value of your yogurt creation.

Our frozen yogurt also contains several probiotics, which can be beneficial to your immune and digestive systems. Our products are certified to contain live and active cultures, so they'll deliver the best potential benefits to your health.

The Wild Berry process is simple, yet it allows for a nearly infinite number of possibilities. We’re not like an ice cream shop where you are limited to one scoop or two. We have one cup size. You can put as much or as little frozen yogurt and toppings as you desire in your cup, so it’s just the right amount for you every time. You choose the ratios. Want a lot of yogurt with a few M&Ms sprinkled on top? You got it. Want to get a smaller serving and pile on the fresh fruit? You can do that too. Whether you want to mix two or ten flavors, you’re in complete control of the outcome.

Our locations span much of California, so there’s a good chance we’ve got a shop in your area. If there isn’t a Wild Berry in your neighborhood yet, we are growing and adding stores as we go, so one may be coming to a place near you.

Visit one of our 7 locations across California today!